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Otischa Raychael Smiley is born with Down Syndrome , but she never allowed this to interfere with her aspirations or outlook. She has taken on the world with courage, gratitude, and ambition. She was raised in Shreveport, Louisiana under the loving care of a supportive family. Growing up her mother, Dr. Viola Marie Smith Patterson PhD.,PhD, did not treat her any differently than her sister and brother. She was encouraged to explore all the abilities that the Lord graced upon her, and to embrace her extra special role in life.


Otischa’s positive attitude continues to shine through all obstacles. At the tender age of nine she began talking. Shortly after this breakthrough, her musical talents began to flourish. She plays a variety of instruments such as piano, drums, saxophone, flute, and guitar. Otischa plays the piano in church. She also volunteers and performs at daycares, nursing homes,

and homeless shelters.

She won a 1 st place gold medal in the Special Olympics for golf and also has titles in track, bowling, baseball, and basketball. She is also in the KISS for Kids Performing Arts Academy, Eau Inferno Entertainment Group, and takes part in the Buddy Walk. Otischa’s Bio Otischa is 23 years old

and has lived in Las Vegas for about 4 years. 


She was recognized in the National Down Syndrome Convention in Sacramento, CA for playing Beethoven’s Fur Elise on the piano. At 12 years old, she became involved in Christian Dance Center. She is also a jazz, tap, hip hop, zumba and liturgical dancer. She also participates in the Down Syndrome of Southern Nevada (DSOSN) “Cool 21” group. They provide a plethora of activities to nourish the mind and soul. There were times that she was excluded from extra-curricular activities due to competition and academic requirements, but she did not give up on her passions. She has graduated from the UNLV F.O.C.U.S. program with a certificate in Hospitality.


Otischa's BIO

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